Video Tutorials

Here are two proper introductions to Autobox!

  • Here's why you should buy Autobox!  
  • Capabilities Presentation - We give you a top-line view of our company and Autobox's capabilities.  Here is the fun Prezi version.

Take a look on a new spin on the reasons why should buy Autobox

Our take on how modeling has changed over the years :

The Evolution of Univariate Modeling - We walk you through different approaches in Univariate modeling from the 1950's to the present using daily data: (Running Time:8 minutes)



Preparing Data Tutorial :

Our Excel Macro which allows you to create Autobox ready files  ( Running Time:3 minutes)

Windows Tutorial :

1 - Getting Data into Autobox - Enter, Cut & Paste, Import from Excel or read from an Autobox ready flat file. (Download Time: 20 seconds - Running Time:2 minutes)

2 - Adding Knowledge - Autobox will search on its own for patterns in the data, but it uniquely allows you to specify knowledge into the modeling process.(Download Time:1 minute - Running Time:6 minutes)

3 - Running Autobox - You can run it in expert mode, tweak our default conditions or run it with your model or specify your own model. (Download Time: 30 seconds - Running Time:6 minutes)

4 - Review the Output - Shows the Forecasts, Graphs, Reports and Early Warning System. (Download Time: 1 minute - Running Time:6 minutes)

5 - Case Study - Shows how simple methods fail and how including causal variables like Price and holiday variables help the modeling process. (Download Time: 1 minute - Running Time:6 minutes)

Windows Batch Tutorial:

Getting Data in and Running the Batch Version - After watching this video, you should watch the 5 Interactive videos as the Interactive features are not covered here. (Running Time:3 minutes)


Autobox Batch Command Line Tutorial:

Running Autobox Command Line - Shows how to run and in parallel.  Assumes you have built your ASC files already: (Running Time:3 minutes)

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