Nobody Can Model Time Series Data Like Autobox. Nobody.

    • Nobody is able to gain the insight into the data that we can. We'll benchmark any example with you!
    • We are in Gartner's 2016 Hype Cycle Report right alongside Oracle!!!!
    • Download our Presentation that we made 4/12 at the 2016 INFORMS on Resampling Forecasts - "Simulated Forecasting"
    • Last 3 Additions - McDonald's MesoAmerica,, Merck
    • Using Autobox since 1986 - Texas Health & Human Services
  • Using Autobox since 1985 - Milliman & Robertson
  • Using Autobox since 1986 - South African Reserve Bank
  • Launched in 1976 as the first-to-market Forecasting & Time Series analysis software.
  • Picked as the Best Dedicated Forecasting Software in the "Principles of Forecasting" text book
  • See how Autobox did  in the Neural Forecasting Daily Competition (1st overall for Automatic software)
  • See how Autobox did in the Neural Forecasting Monthly Competition (At the top)

How does Autobox do it?

Our heuristics perform an exhaustive search considering alternative sequences to build the model. Only Autobox adjusts for interventions like outliers, seasonal pulses, level shifts, local time trends, variance & parameters changes. Only Autobox adjusts the model for lead and lag relationships automatically!

Video Tutorials to see how Autobox does it.




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