About Us

Automatic Forecasting Systems Inc. (AFS) was founded in 1975 to establish the First-To-Market Forecasting package. Initially available on Mainframe Time-Sharing Services (IDC, CSC and Compuserve), it's purpose was to launch and market radical improvements in forecasting methodology by incorporating causal factors into the forecast such as:

  • sales of related products (e.g. shampoo and conditioner)
  • cannibalization effects
  • price of competitors products.

We first incorporated intervention detection in 1983 on the heels of I. Chang and Tsay's work.

AFS continually looks to the future of forecasting. As advances in the field are made AFS has the depth of statistical knowledge and the practical programming experience to integrate them into our packages. We are also constantly working to expand our products breadth of application into exciting areas such as production planning, inventory control and real time systems.


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