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"I think Autobox is very good forecasting software. More power to Autobox." Alaine Liggayu Graduate Student Tiawan Tech

"We rely upon Autobox heavily to forecast thousands of workload series for the U.S. Courts and the Department of Homeland Security." Keith Fentress, President Fentress Incorporated

"Autobox is the only software that has the statistical facility to detect points in time where parameters change significantly, Forecast Pro and SAS does not have this statistical facility."
Paul Desmier Canadian National Defence

Top Automated package at the Neural Network Forecasting Competition! Autobox was 12th overall, but the rest were not from an automatic system---they required manual manipulation. "Congratulations - you are the only statistical software package that is capable of forecasting this automatically" Sven Crone Organizer
Lancaster University Centre for Forecasting.


"I love the software" Ricardo Silva SERASA (owned by Experian).

" I thank you for the provision of the freefore forecasting package that I found on the your website. I'm a University student in uganda writing my dissertation in minihydropower development of our small rivers in some part of Uganda. I've actually found freefore very useful in forecasting and filling of missing data. However, in order to backup my thesis with the credibility of Autobox, I would request to get some information about its success story on some hydrological forecasts or otherwise, where it has ever been applied." H Mukisa University student Uganda.

" I am teaching an MBA course, Market Demand and Forecasting, at USC. For the time-series analysis, I ask students to try FreeFore (one of the best and you have my thanks for making it available)." Jonathan Lee, Prof. Marketing Dept, Marshall School of Business

" It has been my experience that this software does a better job than most commercially available software in intervention identification and modelling." Reena Chakraborty, PhD, CPF, Statistician, Forecasting, DC Department of Corrections, Washington, DC

"Autobox is user-friendly, simple to start working with and yet powerful. It's greatest value is to provide advanced features, reliable forecast accuracy yet packed in a simple and intuitive manner. And Autobox does not stop here, each incremental update as new data arrives is simple to add and in few seconds you can update your forecast each period that is relevant for your work."

Rene Summer, Senior Analyst Business Intelligence & Public Affairs,
Dept. of Marketing & Business Development - Ericsson Sverige AB

"I wish I had used this program when I was in university. Truly wonderful and so much more intuitive than SPSS or SAS or even TSP ever could hope to be" Shawn Berry, Peterborough, ON Canada

"SAS is an excellent tool for preparing data for AUTOBOX" Dr. Fred Andres, Sr. Manager, Logistics Systems Anheuser-Busch Inc.

"It is providing much better (more intuitive) results than the competition. I've been working with FreeFore and am very impressed at how easy it is to use!” Dr. Sandy Balkin Pfizer Inc.

“I've tried freefore which is great,where can I purchase the software in the U.K.?” Doug Morgan, Controller, Tudor Photographic

“Thanks so much for making FREEFORE available. I am studying it and am impressed with its extraordinary capabilities. I am in the process of revising my forecasting book and wanted to talk with you about the possibility of using Freefore in the next edition. Your thoughts and comments in this regard will be greatly appreciated . I think that the inclusion will be mutually beneficial and I would like to discuss ways that we might both benefit.
Stephen DeLurgio, Professor, Univ of Missouri Kansas City

"Thanks for making your free forecasting tool available. It looks like a great product.”
Frank Salvatori, Senior Consultant,

"Autobox/Freefore is an amazing program that gives data mining software some long needed respect. Rather than merely tossing data at a priori static models, it's heuristic logic structure creates a model on-the-fly that is correctly identified, estimated, and forecasted. Lastly, the documentation itself is worth the download and purchase... it's essentially a full course on time series and is always assigned reading in my related courses."
Professor Frost, Professor of Economics, Southern Methodist University

"Freefore from Automatic Forecasting Systems may be your best bet. Freefore is menu-driven and very intuitive."
Dick March, Senior Researcher, South Florida Water Management District

“I just downloaded the new freefore.exe. You are to be congratulated. It really is nice. The user interface is much improved.The graphics are clearer. I love the stock retriever.” Bob Yaffee, Professor, NYU

"The unquestioned superiority of AUTOBOX in our forecasting benchmark screamed for it's acceptance"
Bob Hammond, Forecasting Manager, Coors Brewing Company

Anheuser-Busch reaction to alliance between Automatic Forecasting Systems and i2 Technologies, Inc.
"This is a good fit,the end result will strengthen the acceptance of statistical forecasting in supply chain planning. Additionally it will provide for better utilization of data - especially causal data."
Fred Andres, Manager of Logistics Strategies, Anheuser-Busch Corp. on the i2/Autobox alliance

"When we began development of an automated statistically based sales forecasting system in 1993, Autobox was the only software providing the statistical sophistication our business demanded. The ability to incorporate numerous cross correlated variables ( promotional pricing and major holidays) in modeling was the selling feature of Autobox. The statistical capability of Autobox has enabled us to develop extremely accurate forecasts which are confidently utilized by manufacturing. Once these weekly forecasts are reviewed and approved by each respective Sales Center they drive our MRPII/DRP systems. Customer service is our top priority. Accurate forecasting is the crucial beginning step in achieving exceptional customer service. This announced partnership will broaden the options available to companies looking for an integrated Operations Planning solution."
Amy Waters, Manager, Coca-Cola Bottling Inc. New York, on the i2/Autobox alliance.

"Using an excellent statistical analysis tool in the academic sense is insufficient. Rather, an automated data mining system must be able to automate 'human thinking', not merely select from a collection of a priori defined "best" models. Data should never be "thrown" at models, rather models should be employed based upon the demands of the data. Autobox heuristically (as opposed to ad hoc "best model" selection) analyses a particular data series then assigns the appropriate control variables necessary to create the proper transfer function. The result is considerably more accurate forecasts that actually approach those made on a custom basis by a skilled and experienced econometrician."
Mark Frost,Director of Econometrics, Forecasting, & Decision Science Carreker Corporation

"AUTOBJ & AUTOBOX provide provide a foundation for a quantum leap in the widespread and inexpensive application of B-J techniques to the analysis of time series data. There are two characteristics unique to these programs. First, a large sophisticated mainframe program now is available on the IBM PC and compatibles. The second, and much more revolutionary characteristic of the programs is that both incorporate advanced elements of artificial intelligence.” John Pickett, Professor, Central Power and Light Science Quarterly Winter, 1985

“AUTOBOX represents a major advance in the range of analyses and options covered. In addition, to the best of our knowledge, it is the first and only automatic package available for use on microcomputers. We ran the program for a variety of single series, both with and without automatic model selection. As is to be expected, the final models selected sometimes differed, but the automatic versions seemed to perform as well in the forecasting phase as ours did (and we modestly claim to be reasonably be the expert in this area!)”
Keith Ord, Professor, Pennsylvania State University OR/MS Today September 1985

“AUTOBJ heralds the coming of a new era of micro based computer forecasting software. It offers a successful balance between the current computational power provided by micro-computers harnessed in an A.I. framework and the extensive experience of it's author David Reilly of AFS Co. Inc. AUTOBJ appears reasonably idiot proof: if the user accidentally presses an incorrect key, the program requests the user to reenter the response. AUTOBJ at $595 is well priced and deserves careful consideration by the forecasting practitioner and teacher alike.”
Chris Beaumont, Lecturer, London Business School Journal of Forecasting 1986

“If you need a sophisticated tool but do not have the time to build your own model or are not confident about your own model, AUTOBOX is the one you should consider. As an accountant, I deal with historical financial data which frequently were contaminated by factors such as changes in accounting methods. A contaminated set of financial data is a nightmare for the analyst. The automatic intervention detection feature of AUTOBOX. is a welcome feature for any analyst who must analyze historical financial data.”
S. Liao, Professor, Naval Postgraduate School, The Journal of Business Forecasting 1986

“AUTOBOX offers a completely automated Box-Jenkins modeling system for univariate and multivariate modeling. While its performance as compared to experts has not been formally reported yet, preliminary tests made by us show a lot of promise. Its automatic modeling might make B-J methodology more accessible to analysts. At a minimum, the models developed using the automatic packages could help an analyst double-check his modeling approach.” Ramesh Sharda Oklahoma State University Computer and Operations Research 1986

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