The Video Tutorials and User’s Guide is usually sufficient to get new customers up and running we have found.  During the course of the pre-sales process a lot of information is exchanged and we try to understand clients goals and data before they even install the software.  However, we may be able to get you up and running a little faster and have some ideas if Autobox needs to be tweaked to provide better results.  We can do remote training using live meeting at an additional cost.  We also provide consulting for “deep dives” for tricky modeling problems that may require our expertise.

On-site Statistical Training

Day 1

Introduction to Business Forecasting

Introduction to Time Series, Simple Averages, Moving Averages and Exponential Smoothing

Regression Models for Forecasting

Forecasting Accuracy

Putting it all Together – The Forecasting Process

Day 2

The Model Build Process

Daily Data modeled

Statistical Transformation

Verification of Assumptions

Model Augmentation (ie Stepup/Stepdown)

Day 3

Examples using Customer Data

Complete Walk through of Modeling Process

Verification of Model with Data

Examples using Autobox Data (if time permits)

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